Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After Christmas

I don't know what it is but the day after Christmas is always especially gloomy. Can't really tell you why. Maybe we can feel all the Canadians up there having a shopping blast on Boxer's Day. I like the Canadians though they are a good people.

I don't feel like working writing this post or anything. I'm getting my tires changed by WalMart right now. It is pretty cheap, I couldn't believe it, I am glad the place I usually go to couldn't get me in until Friday. I saved about $100. There is a review for you.

I am going to start having my oil changes done there too since I signed up for the whole tire rotation deal, and roadside danger thing. That was a bit extra, but now when I shop there I'll just get my oil changed and tire rotated.

It really is a great way that WalMart adds convenience to the customer. I sound like such a sell out right now, but I've always supported WalMart. I've never had anything against them. I think ultimately they provide more jobs and more support to other economies than damage done to ours. Beside there is always deregulation if they get too high and mighty. As for the picture I just like this guy.

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