Monday, December 31, 2007

UFC 79: Hughes vs St. Pierre Review

Well this was a good fight. I was very disappointed in Matt Hughes. I thought he would be able to put up more of a fight than he did. GSP absolutely dominated Hughes. Hughes couldn't do anything. George St. Pierre beat Hughes even in his strong suit wrestling. Hughes showed a lot of repect in defeat. It's too bad he lost I really wanted to see him fight Matt Serra next. I think Serra is going to find out a thing or two this time around with GSP.

I do have a bit more to say about this fight's entrances. Matt Hughes did a good job, but St. Pierre come on what are you doing? I can understand coming out in the ridiculous looking Gi. I would wear one that fits. You look like a Karate Mousekawitz in that thing. The problem I have is with the French rap. Nothing screams gay louder than that crap. Is that guy supposed to be hardcore or is he trying to seduce men. I would personally woop his butt. Unless, GSP is his close friend. If that is the case, I'd shake his hand and tell him how wonderful his french rap sounds.

I am a fan of Matt Hughes. I think he's competitive not an a-hole. Matt if you are ever a coach again don't beat your guys up. You are the one that injured half of them. It isn't a wonder they couldn't win. Speaking of Matt's Ultimater Fighter team, Mac Danzig you're the man.

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