Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jobs - Movie Review

The movie is worth seeing.  It is not geat and comparitively slow compared to a lot of modern movies but it told a good story.

Before seeing this movie the reviews I read were so bad that I tried to cancel my tickets.  Everything I read said that Ashton Kutcher was unbareable in the role of Steve Jobs. I bought it to, I thought the guy plays a bunch of morons.  He has been type cast by "The Seventies Show" and "Two and a Half Men"  I think he did a really good job playing Jobs.  Haha.  He didn't play an Emmy wiinning part or anything but he did well.

I will say I thought the trailer looked bad as well.  I think this movie tries to set you up with low expectations and then delivers a good story. Not a bad strategy, it worked on me.