Thursday, March 6, 2008

Doomsday Movie Coming Soon

Doomsday will be released March 14, 2008. This movie seems to be a take off of 28 Days Later,it is about Britian coming down with a deadly disease again and having to sacrifice half of its population by walling the up in a dead zone. Well the virus doesn't get contained quite well enough so some bad mama jamas go into the quarantined are to find a cure. They may be close to finding a cure but these super evolved headbashers stand in their way.

Fortunately, there is a really hot chick who is the ultimate warrior. That always makes me so horny. Well she tears them up and undoubtedly save the day. Is this movie predictable? Yes. I am going to go see this movie? Yes. Will I enjoy this movie? Yes.

There you have my review of an upcoming movie and there will be more to come. As a side note why is Britain always portrayed as such a sickly island. One I am pretty sure Brits don't like being thought of as an island and two I don't see that they are especially dirty. There's the teeth thing but that is about all I've ever heard. Well maybe they just fancy scary movie where people die of diseases that are destined to doom all mankind.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

American Psyhco Movie Review

This is a movie about a guy from the 80's who is really leaving the dream. He is a corporate banker. He doesn't really have any real responsibilities he just lives like a big shot and keeps up with all of the trends and remain good looking.

He does have a few quirks. He is a clean freak and perfectionist. He is also really into music. Oh yeah, he likes to kill people and his status is so high that he can't get caught even though he repeatedly admits he is a killer.

Well this movie is demented in a very artsy way, but it doesn't destroy the movie. This is one of those rare instances where the artiness adds to the flick. Now don't read any further if you don't want me to spoil the ending.

For those of you that have seen this movie; do you think in the end it was all just a fantasy he had? I think it was supposed to be a fantasy and the writers were trying to demonstrate how close we are to going crazy. Just like this guy who had a fantasy so strong he actually thought he had committed the crimes. I hope I don't hate my life that much.

I've only fantasized about killing a few of the annoying people in my life. I'm joking, Sam watch your back. Don't throw me in jail. I'll shoot a bullet and cop cars will blow up. It all comes spiraling down.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Penelope Movie Review

I DID NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Yet I am still compelled to write about it basically beacause I feel I have seen enough of it in previews. Basically, this movie is about a chick cursed to be born with a pig's nose. She is hideious and any guy that sees her runs. Until she meets the sensitive musician. Her parent try to by her love but at the end of the day all she needed to do was show her personallity.

In the movie America falls in love with her and she becomes an icon. Children emulate her and dress as pigs for Halloween. She is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Well basically the pig's nose thing disgusts me and I don't want to watch a movie with that thing in my face the whole time. Second I had acne in High School and I was ridiculed for that imagine if I had a pig's nose. America wouldn't love me they would laugh really hard at my expense.

This movie is basically fairy tale utopian garbage. This is going to give kids a false since of hope and they will be beaten twice as badly because of this movie. For the love of you children don't go see this movie. If you are the fan of the movie and are complaining about a review from someone who didn't even see the movie, take your fake picture off of the Internet and show everyone your ugly mug. And yes I know that was a run on sentence.

P.S. Notice I chose a picture without a shot of the nose.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Anderson Silva vs Dan Henderson Fight Review UFC 82

I thought this would be a good match up. Henderson was definitely Silva's best challenger. He definitely does better against the bigger fighters I am kind of surprised to see that he moved down to fight Anderson Silva. Apparently, this was the only way he would move down. Dana White was urging Henderson to make the move.

Round one heavily favored Dan Henderson he got Silva in side control and he was doing really well. I thought Silva had met his match. Silva then came out in round two and proved me wrong.

In round two Henderson caught Silva with a knee and Silva came right back with one of his own. Henderson almost went down right there. It was enough to damage Henderson and Silva went to work on the ground. Henderson had to have been really dazed. It was like he didn't know what Silva was doing. It was obvious to everyone else. Silva caught Henderson with a rear naked choke and finished Henderson right before the bell in round two.

Nobody, knows he will be Silva's next big challenge. It certainly doesn't appear that there is one on the horizon. I disagree, I think if Yushi Okami can withstand the initial onslaught of Anderson Silva he will present a good challenge. I really view Okami as a championship round fighter. For some reason it just takes him a while to get going and I think with more rounds he would have beat Rick Franklin.

The last word is that Henderson has had to fight two champions. I definitely think Henderson will fight in more chapionship bouts, but Dana is going to have to throw him a chump. Henderson might need a confidence booster after these last two losses.

Josh Koscheck vs Dustin Hazelett Fight Review UFC 82

Dustin wants to let you know that he is not Jon Fitch and stop asking him. At least that is what his t-shirt said I thought it was hilarious.

This one started off as a brawl. These guys came out of the fence swinging. Hazelett caught Koscheck in a standing guillotine but Koscheck was able to pull him off and Hazelett wisely gave up the submission attempt. Another highlight was Koscheck mowing through Hazelett and somehow Hazelett went right into a triangle choke. His Jujitsu is definitely solid.

Shortly into Round 2 Koscheck caught Hazelett with a kick and immediately pounced on Hazelett delivering a few shots on the ground. Kosckeck was definitely revved up and the ref had to move in quick to pull him off of Hazelett. Koscheck has come a long way fro the Ultimate Fighter and I don't see him doing anything but moving up. He is definitely a strong contender.

Cheick Kongo vs Heith Herring Fight Review UFC 82

Herring got this one started of with a big punch that definitely caught Cheick Kongo off guard. Surprisingly after that Kongo took Herring to the ground twice. Herring also suffered a cut some where while they were skirmishing along the fence. Kongo definitely delivered some good blows in round one and I had Kongo winning the first round.

The second round was kind of strange as well Kongo took Herring to the ground hard. I definitely wasn't expecting to see Kongo go to the ground at all. Kongo was caught buy one of Herrings upkicks and decided to toy with Herring on the ground a bit invoking a few boos from the crowd. Mid way through the round Kongo found himself on his back and Herring literally spent the rest of the round taking knees to the ribs and shoulders.

Round 3 again started off with some big shots coming from Kongo. Kongo went for a porr submission attempt and then before you knew it he was on his back again. The rest of the round was a replay of round two at two minutes fifteen seconds into the round Cheick was getting his ribs eaten up. Kongo is currently putting out a red stream into the urinal. Nobody should take that mean knees to the ribs.

This fight shows a gaping hole in Kongo's game. Kongo had Herring's back and gave it up to stand. Then he missed an easy submission when he had Henderson's back. Fighters are not going to be afraid to give up their back to avoid any ground impound being given by Kongo. They have an easy way out. In addition, Kongo is like a turtle on his back. He simply has no way out once he is pinned. Kongo appears to be naturally athletic and I believe he will fix these flaws in his game.

I scored this for Tanner as did two of the judges. Cecil Peoples called it for Kongo. Again, causing me to hope he has that stroke.

Alessio Sakara vs Chris Leben Fight Review UFC 82

It always amazes me how Leben just walks into punches this is pretty much how he began the fight. Guys really take it to him and Chris Leben just stands there and throws hay makers. One of these days he is going to come up with some real brain damage. I don't think you won't your M.O. to be that you can take a punch to the head. Well that apparently doesn't bother Leben. Maybe Leben will talk to Matt Hughes and get straightened out.

Well basically my view of what Matt Leben does is that he makes himself and easy target. Draws fighters in and just delivers a real punch instead of a haymaker that allows him to move in for the kill. He always cripples his opponent with a sharp shot and then delivers those monster shots.

Well that is basically how Sakara's fight with Leben. He was punishing Leben and even drew blood. Leben appeared to be slowing down and the next thing you know Sakara goes down. There was a bit of controversy but the ref definitely made the right call. Sakara was done.

Evan Tanner vs Yushin Okami Fight Review UFC 82

This was one of the slower fights. The first round was still good. It was also almost really short. Okami came right out and jacked Tanner with a straight left and ended the fight in a hurry. Fortunately Tanner recovered and didn't become a ten second knock out. The rest of the round was a bit slow.

Round 2 was real slow. They were standing for most of it and were pinning each other against the fist. Okami kept getting Tanner in that Muay Thai clinch and delivering a few knees. Then the fight ended in a hurry. Okami delivered a crushing knee right into Tanner's chin. He went down and Okami delivered one more blow for good measure before the ref jumped in. Fortunately that last punch just skimmed Tanner's head. I don't like seeing guys get beat on when they are out.

I really think Silva's next test should be Okami. For some reason I think he will bring something to the table that Okami's other opponents haven't. It always takes Okami awhile to get started and I think he would do better in fights with championship rounds. Hopefully, we'll find out.

Jon Fitch vs Chris Wilson Fight Review UFC 82

This fight started off as a brawl they really came out striking. Both fighters looked very good, and came to put on a show. There were a few awkaward moments during the first round Wilson went for a triangle and you couldn't tell what limbs belonged to who. It was wierd. I had Wilson through the first round and he looked pretty impressive but it started to even out towards the end.

Round 2 started off in the same way, but Fitch went to the ground and it ended up being mainly ground impound. He dominated Round 2 and definitely won this round. I was suprised considering the first round. This round definitely went to Fitch.

The last round went pretty well according to the first round. Wilson wnet for a few submission and towards the end of the round he caught Fitch in a triangle. The round ended before Fitch tapped but he was definitely hanging in there trying not to go out. If Wilson would have had ten more seconds Fitch would have definitely gone under. This bring to questio whether fighter should be able to be saved by the bell.

UFC 82 Pride of a Champion Review

The production of UFC 83 was as good as always. joe Rogan was a bit more serious during this one than normal. He must have forgotten to get high. Goldberg was really kissing Rogan's butt. It was almost as though he was Rogan's puppy dog or idol. Rogan does know a lot about MMA. Maybe it is just that they got together before the fights and talke about what would happen, and Joe Rogan was suprisingly accurate in predicting what would happen.

Cecil Peoples was a judges again and he was also the only a-hole that called fights in the other direction. It is like he has to make it a split decision and disagree with everyone else all the time. I wish he would just have a stroke already that causes him to run around in circle yell, "I'm Cecil Peoples, you've got mail, Yeah." I hate him.

Dustin Hazelett was the funniest guy tonight. He came out with a T-shirt that said I'm not Jim Fitch Stop Asking. He does look alot like Jim Fitch.

All the fights were pretty good. There was only one fight I thought was kind of slow but it finished with a bang. Overall, the event was pretty good. The crowd is getting smarter and not booing unless one of the fighters acts like a jerk. Overall, this was a good event. The one complaint I have as always is there were a lot of fights one the undercards that I wanted to see. The UFC is going to have to gve a little otherwise there fan base will desert them. Even I am starting to get more intereseted in the IFL adn Elite XC. C'mon Dana stop being such a jerk all the time. You can't carry around a torch for whenever you don't like a bridge.