Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep Movie Review

Wow, lets market a movie to nobody. That being said this is a good movie. If this looks like the type of film you'd like go check this out in the theatres. I simply don't think that this movie really appeals to anybody. It doesn't appeal to kids, adults just a few odd balls, and my brother's wife. She is a member of the United Kingdom. If they include a little Irish she's all about it.

Well I am not a fan. I will now write to ruin the movie so you don't have to spend your money. It is set during World War II. A little boy who lost his father in the war is still in hope that Daddy comes back. Cry little kid cry. He finds an egg, and almost makes the movie real short by stabbing the sea horse with a knife. He raises the thing in about a week. Then the military show off their guns and turn the sea horse crazy. I AM A CRAZY SEA HORSE BLAHH!!!! RUN FROM THE CRAZY SEA HORSE BOOGIE BOOGIE!!!!! The sea horse decides to try to eat the kid.

But wait the kid falls in the water and almost drowns while some jerks were hunting the thing. The Sea Horse has a change of heart and decides to save the boy. Once, out of the water the kid is still not out of the water. They do a crap job of trying to revive the kid. Everybody just looks at him. Well the kid has a flashback with his Dad. Children stay off drugs, flashback are inappropriate.

I think the director should have taken a risk and taught the brats in the theatre a lesson. Being don't mess with big creatures they will eat you. Well meanwhile a call from the hunters causes the Irish military to bombard one of their mythical creatures. This time the Sea Horse keeps it's cool as the boy rides it trying to beat the raising of the submarine net.

Wait, wait you gotta be kidding me a submarine net. Last time I check subs had torpedos. Well it is time for a Free Willy moment. That's right you remember the movie with the whale and jumping the rocks. This movie get original with a submarine net. Crazy isn't it. Well the big question is does the Sea Horse make the jump. Movie review to be continued. Just kidding.

The Mom is also a real magic hater, she says there are no such things as Sea Horses. Until, it rises from behind her and says, "Hey, Mum you're wrong."

Well parents if your kids read this I apologize. If they call you a choad you deserved that insult. Time for the END GAME. I was pretty harsh on this one considering it really wasn't that bad.

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