Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How am I Doing?

Glad you asked. I have recently recieved my cholesterol results back and I got it down from 272 to 190. The problem is that my triglycerides are at 331 and my hDL fell to 35. I'll fix it though.

I now eat according to a book titled Fit for Life by Harvey Diamond. I should probably try to earn some money by promoting his book but oh well. It is only $7.00 but the food really sucks. He act like it is a cinch to follow, but your always trying to find foods that are in accordance with his plan.

It is a food combining diet. You basically can't mix fruit with anything, and keep carbs seperate from proteins as far as a meal goes. In America we eat hambugers, can't have 'em, steak and potatoes, can't have 'em, pizza can't have it. Get the idea. The good news is that salad goes with everything (insert sarcasm here).

I typically wake up eat fruit for the first half of the day. Close to dinner I have a salad and at about eight I eat a bowl of cereal with a lot of flaxseed. If you having trouble with the old bowels flaxseed is the way to go (every day at 9AM).

I have been eating like this for just over a month with the exception of thanksgiving. Turkey and pumpkin pie once a year can't hurt anybody so shut up. Anyway my total weight loss 20 lbs putting me at a slightly obese 220 lbs. I think I am starting to have that loose skin problem though from losing to much weight. I'll keep you updated, I get ideas in my head sometimes.

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