Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mac Danzig - The Ultimate Fighter Vegan

This guy just dominated the other ultimate fighters. It was amazing. He totally dominated Tommy. He probably enjoyed it especially since Tommy and his family is a bunch of cow tortures. I am kidding.

I do have to give Mac kudos this would be a great opporuntity for him to drive his politics down other peoples throats. If you don't know he is a vegan (he will not use any products resulting fro the exploitation of animals), and he is huge into animal rights. We didn't hear a thing about it after he won and had a national audience.

I have recently adopted a vegetarian lifestyle and I am cosidering taking it to the vegan level. The thing is, I am not at all into animal rights. As a matter of fact I hope my boss takes me hunting sometime. I've never been. I just told him he is going to half to take care of the meat.

In the end I think if you are going to promote your views you should build your own median to carry your views to others. Mac seems to be following that principle. By the way the Ultimate Fighter Rocks. Start watching this show on Spike and buy the UFC pay-per-views.

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