Sunday, December 2, 2007

Awake Movie Review

The movie Gods are smiling on me. This is the third good movie I have seen in a row. What is going on. Well I am always hesitant to give a way too much information about a movie I like. I liked this movie a lot so I am extra hesitant. I wouldn't want to blow the plot.

I will give you some advice for going to see this movie. Don't watch the previews or read any other reviews. Just go check this movie out in the theatre. The ticket is well worth the money. I typically, take the advice I have just given when I go to see any movie.

My method for picking movies involves glossing over the titles, looking at some of the posters if I have seen everything and buying a ticket. I cut the stop at the concession stand out of my movie going experience. Popcorn, my friend you are missed. Oh, in the first five minutes of the movie Jessica Alba's t-shirt gets really wet. I wasn't interested in that portion of the movie because I have a beautiful girlfriend. I just brought it up because I know a lot of you guys out there are single. Unfortunately, I think this movie is going to end up like the Shawshand Redemption, a well kept secret.

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