Monday, May 26, 2014

Double Feature Godzilla and Blended at the Drive-In

Alright, I had my first drive-in experience.  It is definitely different going to a drive-in.  I think the big benefit is going to the movies with a large group of people and the ability to bring in whatever the hell you want.  I brought a mixer pack of vodkas, rum, whiskey and a bunch of mixers.   Now that's a good time.  The downside are the trains that roll by and the people in the other movie that have the ultimate sound system and intend to use it.   I honestly got over it pretty quickly.  VODKA, RUM, WHISKEY!!!!!

Godzilla wasn't what I thought it was going to be.  I thought the battle was going to be against Godzilla and different cities were going to be ripped a part.  Another problem with the movie was that it was too dark for an action film and like a lot of action films don't expect a good storyline.  I also expected some more spectacular scenes.  I know this is cliche but I really wanted to see the side of a building getting ripped off exposing some guy sitting on the toilet.  Since, I was drinking I had to  run to the bathroom a couple times.  Maybe I missed the scene let me know.  This is the type of movie you know whether your going to like before you see it.  If you typically love this stuff go see it, but if you don't it's going to be a long two hours.

The second movie I liked a lot more, Blended.  This is your typical sappy Adam Sandler film.  Nobody should admit to liking these but I love them.  I though the movie had a lot of great scenes.  They were predictable but funny.  I will admit liking movies like this is my expression of bad taste but I am going to recommend seeing this movie.  I hope you're pleasantly surprised, let me know in the comments.