Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am normally a mild tempered person, but today I almost experienced some real bad road rage. I had been sitting in traffic for about an hour and the traffic started to speed up. Good new right. Wrong, about 4 miles down to the road the fast lane came to a dead stop all of the sudden. I slammed on my breaks but still stopped a good bit before the car in front of me.

Then out of no where some lady slams on her breaks and is literally sitting in the same lane on my passenger side. Another car ended up to the left of me as well. I looked at both drivers. First the guy on the left because I had only glanced at the other car. He waved sorry all was well. Then I did a double take at the lady to my left. The beeotch was still hadn't put her cell phone down. She was looking to cut someone off in the next lane that was still moving at a good rate.

I can't beleive she didn't have the sense to get off her cell after almost being in an accident. Some poeple just have a lot of nerve.

I swear for I felt my foot get on that gas to rev into the next lane to catch up with her. I think I would have thrown her a beat down if I had caught her. She is lucky I remained collected.

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