Friday, December 28, 2007

The Great Debaters Movie Review

Guess what movie takes the top spot for new releases? The Great Debaters is really enjoyable. The only downside is that Wiley College always seems to debate the liberal point of view and wins over the more conservative point of view. How many people think that is the way the story played out in real life.

Well probably not and unfortunately they beat the University of Southern California not Harvard. Hey I am all for that switch it made the movie more exciting, and the changes better emphasizes to the audience the significance of the event.

I do have some quick commentary on the audience. Fortunately, this movie was good enough to quell the crowd. People were talking a lot at the beginning of this movie these disruptions were short lived.

Every character without exception had a human element and still appeared to be larger than life. The movie was fluid and portrayed the story of the debate team in a meaningful way. I am glad Harpo (Oprah's film company) got this one right. After, Purple they were struggling. I give The Great Debaters a great movie review. If you hit this one check out Kite Runner or Walk Hard next. One's a comedy the other another drama. That should give you some flexibility depending on your mood.

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