Friday, February 29, 2008

Movie Review Semi Pro with Will Ferrell

The question you are obviously asking is,"Is this movie funny. The answer is yes. You should stop reading now and go see this film. I keep thinking Will Ferrell is going to lose his appeal but his same old character and antics never do. It is amazing.

This movie never lost it's appeal I thought it was funny from beginning to end. One person I went with thought Witless Protection was funnier. I totally disagree. Semi pro was twice as funny. Definitely avoid watching the previews on this one. I can hear one on the T.V. right now and they are definitely butchering some of the funniest parts.

I am going to talk about one scene. It is the scene with the bear and it is shown in the trailers. I knew this scene was coming they set it up and everything happened according to the preview and I still couldn't stop laughing during this scene. I will definitely be buying this movie when it comes out on DVD. I am going to pause it when the bear gives its second roar and find it in the crowd. I couldn't find that bear for the life of me. Well have fun, this movie is a barrel of laughs.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

10000 B.C. Upcoming Movie Release

I can't wait to see this movie and I hate the fact that everytime I go to a movie they try to show two or three previews or making of features for this flick. I knew I wanted to see this one just from the poster. This looks like a really great flick

I will say that the director sounds like Arnold. It's so funny. I get confused everytime I hear him. Yeah, I close my eyes, stick my fingers in my ears and chant lalalala now that they keep trying to spoil this film.

I think this will be an interesting film and it sound like they spent quite a bit of money. I haven't been able to avoid all news about this film. So, word from the director is that the plot is about a classic story line, it is simple and that is part of what makes this a good movie. From this I have determined that this director knows what the audience is looking for and aims to please. Great news. I will definitely see 10,000 BC at least once when it hits the theatres

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Movie Release: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

First, the answer to everyone's favorite question. When will this movie be released? The movies release date is May 22nd, 2008. Now for the meat and potatos. The question, How will this flick turn out?

Well from the title it seems that it could be really corny. The title is straight off the cover of a Hardy Boys novel. I do think that this was intentional. If I am right this should lead to a very good movie. I have learned that when the producer sticks to the old school fans expectations, these movies tend to be great (i.e. Rambo).

The introduction of his Indiana's son has the potential to really suck. This type of thing usually doesn't work out very well and I can't really explain the reason why. It is just plain sappy, maybe. As for the previews. I cover my eyes when the previews for this movie are aired. I know that I will go see this movie. I did catch the preview once and it looked pretty good. I knew within two seconds that it was a continuation or remake of the Indiana Jones franchise. Well I hope to see you at this one, it should be good. After all how do you screw up and Indiana Jones movie. I just hope they bring back the Asian kid.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Witless Protection Movie Review

Larry the Cable Guy is actually funny in a movie for a change. This movie is a lot of one liner southern expressions that Larry finds funny. That is pretty much the whole movie. There are two hot actresses and I would consider them both cougars but other than that I can end this post.

Unfortunately I feel obligated to write more. This movie is for those of you who just want to vege out and have a few good laughs. For me the best part about going to this movie is that my party was the only group in the theatre. This is definitely a movie you want to hit during prime time. I think this movie would be more enjoyable for most people if they see it with a large crowd. More people just make it easier to laugh.

My overall recommendation is to wait until this comes out on DVD. If you want a few hard laughs see it with a bunch of people. I think this movie has the potential to be very dull. Larry's movies typically are.

Vantage Point Movie Review

This was a really great movie. It is too bad it was constantly interupted by a bunch of thugs. Why can't people just keep their mouths shut during a movie. I am consistently amazed with how ignorant people can become. Please don't point out my flaws in spelling.

There were a few thing that did upset me about this movie. It showed the same scenes several time. It was short. The movie being short coupled with repetitive scenes made me feel kind of ripped off. The movie also leaves a lot of question unanswered. They could have definitely answered the questions that any level headed viewer would ask, but for some reason this normally intolerable fault can be overlooked. Other than that great story with great action. It still isn't as good as Rambo, but it comes close. What I thought was great was the absolutely human element of some of the characters.

This movie is definitely fast paced and will leave you desiring more. I did find some flaws with some of the logic but overall you don't really need to think with this one. The plot is intelligent but not thought provoking and I found that combination very nice. It allows you to relax without feeling like a vegetable. I would definitely make it to this movie if I were you. If you were me you would have already been to this movie.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Be Kind Rewind Movie Review

This movie was actually a suprise. It was completely a comedy and the characters were not potrayed the way I expected. Now does that make for a good or a bad suprise? A good suprise, and I wasn't the only one that though so. I over heard a couple walking out discussing how much better it was than they would have thought.

The movie is about a video clerk and his buddy. The clerk works in a store that still rents out VHS tapes and it is struggling. The owner leaves the store in the hands of his young apprentice and the adventure ensues.

This movie is funny but it still tells a story. Every scene of the movie is somewhat awkard but that is what makes it good. It has a similar feel to Napolean Dynamite only a bit more commercialized. Jack Black is on of the lead characters, what do you expect? Go check this movie out it is worth the price of admission for sure. "Be Kind Rewind" what a forgotten phrase, boy do times change quickly.