Saturday, April 19, 2008

88 Minutes Movie Review

Let me tell you I had it out for this movie before it ever came out. I thought it was going to stink going in but it wasn't bad, I really liked this movie. My brother didn't like this movie. I think that it was because he thought they were trying to be to clever.

I thought that the plot twists were kind of obvious. I just wasn't bothered by all the misdirection. I thought I figured it out from the go, and only thought I may not be looking into the movie enough. Make your assumptions and ride it out. You may end up being right. Don't over focus on all of the other stuff.

Well I recommend seeing this movie. I thought this movie was pretty good. Two out of three people in my party liked the murder "trial" mystery.

Street Kings Movie Review

This movie is a tough one to review. I am not even sure I loved it or hated it. My partner in crime fell asleep during the movie. It was exciting but predicable. Basically, you are going to either love this movie or hate this movie.

I really am not going to recommend that anyone see this movie. The action sequences are exciting but Keauna Reeves seems a bit strange for this part. There was definitely something missing. I did like some of the other actors. Especially, Forest Whitaker I think he is highly under rated. Too bad he had to do that Crying Game monstrosity.

Well, my friends parent like Leatherheads, that could be a safer bet. I just can't let someone go see this movie. I do admit they stuck to the genre and normally I give instant kudos to film makers if they fulfil my most simple criteria.

Superhero Movie Movie Review

This was exactly what it was supposed to be, there was no originality and it stuck to the roots of slapstick humor. That being said it was a good flick. It was funny and crude and I liked the flick.

If you go to the movies and you pay to see this flick you should know what you are getting yourself into, and should really enjoy this movie. My girlfriend always likes these movies. She tells me their stupid afterwards but then she talks about all of the funny scenes.

Well my suggestion is to get over being overly pretentious and check this movie out. Enjoy a little bit of teh more obtuse side of life.