Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mad Money Movie Review

How fortunate!!! I went to see There Will be Blood, it was packed so I went to see Mad Money. It was a great film. Mad Money was a real surprise. I thought it was going to be lame. The poster had three women on it and I was thinking chick flick. Not even close.

Oceans Eleven has nothing on this movie. I am going to give you the premise. Three women from different walks of life have been chewed up and spit out by the daily grind. They all have jobs at the federal reserve bank in Kansas City and devise a scheme to get that scrilla.

When you do see this movie remember that this is how schemes are really devised. That work at least. This movie is actually true to life and very little of it has to do with women empowerment or anything like that.

This movie will engage you with humor while still be clever. I really recommend this film. I should really give this movie a bad review, I am going to lose all credibility as a critic. The good news is that I never had any, and this movie is good. By the way the pay a little omage to Kramer's Mad Money television show.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Idol Review

I only watch the first few episodes of this show. It is the only part that is entertaining to me. The thing is that I don't want to watch but my eyes just stray towards the television. I actually hate it everytime they pass somebody through. I just want the flogging to continue to the end.

The best was when they let the pair of singers in that was the strangest thing I have ever seen. Then there was the virgin who had the crazy necklace thing. What was the key and the heart thing about. What was his dad doing with the heart, is he trying to raise a homosexual. He could sing though, I don't care what they said.

Well the train wrecks that make their way to television will never cease to suprise me. Well,I guess it is like being hit by a bus, and living. It hurts so bad to get hit but it feels so good to be alive. The premise of American Idol in a nutshell.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

P.S. I Love You Movie Review

I wish somebody would have chopped this guys hands off before he died. I simply couldn't get past the cheesy premise of this movie. I wish the brain tumor made him too retarded to write, or he would have had his hands chopped off instead. I mean look at the picture Hillary Swank looks dumb not heartbroken.

I don't even know who crapped out this movie. I am an Irish guy let me sing like a leprechaun and really love my wife. Oh crap I'm dying let me write her some letters, so she can be guided. It'll really inspire her and everyone. Life is grand go out and live.

Oh crap, P.S I love you. Go to Ireland, sing in a bar and do a lot of crap that isn't relevant to getting over me. I just want to send you constant reminders and make your life a living hell. Finally, you'll put a gun to your head blow out the brain tumor that is this movie and join me in heaven. Wait I'll have to transfer to hell then we will really be happy. I here it is hot down there all year round I'll sing an Irish Jig about this.

Well to some up, I don't think this movie is really worth seeing. Sorry, about writing as if I were the Irish guy with no warning. Somebody go give that widow the bone.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Working Hard

I've been really putting in the hours lately. I am an accountant and we got the fun year end stuff going on at the moment. I will try to get out see In the Name of the King but it is looking bleak. I am having trouble just making posts everyday. Everyday it's a getting harder. Well in the meantime check out some old posts, and have fun. Remember when you make mistakes and crap all over numbers accountants are forced to work late hours to fix them.

Give accounting a little love.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Bucket List Movie Review

I was prepared to write this movie review before I ever saw the film. I was thinking something like two great actors join up to make one giant piece of crap. Do you know what I was wrong. The strange thing is that this movie was still exactly what I thought it would be.

It is about a few old guys from different walks of life that each have their own values and priorities. They are place in a common dilemna and unite to experience their last moments of life. That is the movie in a nut shell. What makes the Bucket List good is the few minor twists and turns, and that they stayed with the format.

Try not to ruin the movie by catching on to the twist but see if you can figure it out. I highly recommend this movie Jack Nicholas won't be around forever. He looked suprisingly unhealthy in this movie. These two may have gotten together and made a real bucket list. Shoot, they could be scaling a mountain as we speak.

First Sunday Movie Reviews

Well the bad news is the marketing for this was to play off of Friday. That being the case most moviegoers are not going to like this movie. Not every actor in this was funny. There were the serious characters and the funny ones.

The whole premise of the church being robbed and the related jokes were pretty funny. There were moments of seriousness and the story was a bit preachy. There are not a lot of good comedies out there so I suggest this movie. I've also seen the Bucket List and that was funny and had a better storyline. It's not slapstick though, and sometimes that is what you want in a movie. Even I admit I like to leave my thoughts at home a times.

That is what kind of crappy about First Sunday it was slap stick but it did bring up a lot of issues I don't want to think about at this type of flick. The lead actor was always like, "I am a black man trying to do the best for my son." Well the good news is that the lesson learned was pretty accurate. Well I'd hit up Bucket List over this one. Unless you just want to bake.