Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kung Fu Panda Movie Review

This was a really good movie. I do have to say it would have been a lot better without Jack Black as the lead. I don't find the guy funny at all. His comedy consists of acting like a really dorky kid and that sums up his whole routine. My imitation of Jack Black, "The awesomeness of skidoosh". Wow, that invokes non-stop laughter.

I am going to have to be careful though because I think I am the only critic that will slam Jack Black. I am sure he has a lot of fans, but he only seems to be able to act like a grown up retard. Okay, okay I'll stop.

The movie was really good. I found myself laughing a lot. There was a lot of comedy and a lot of the character's names were actual Chinese word for the animals they represented. My girlfriend kept asking me to recall the names of the animals by the names of their characters. Interesting fact for you guys.

I would say the movie definitely hit upon all the points necessary for a kids movie. It had a good message, it kept their interest and it is poised to sell many toys. Adults will find this movie entertaining and funny but a lot of the underlying humor in movies like Shrek went missing. I want to also think Dustin Hoffman for redeeming himself after the Mr. Macrap's Wonderful Turd Emporium.

This movie is definitely my top choice for the weekend. That is if you haven't seen Iron Man.

Don't Mess With the Zohan Movie Review

I know that most people are not going to enjoy this movie but Adam Sandler actually did a good job. I have to admit that I didn't get a lot of the jokes but I knew enough to still appreciate the movie.

There are a lot of ethnic jokes that most people aren't going to get. For instance, dipping everything in hummus. I think you really need to appreciate the culture to like the comedy. I obviously don't but I still liked learning about some of the different things.

I will say that Adam did go a little to liberal in this movie. I don't like the fact that he put everything on corporate America and bible clenching rednecks. I don't think he wrote it though so I am going to give him a bit of a pass. If he starts spouting off at the mouth too much in the coming months then I am going to treat him like are good buddy Johnny over in France.

Well I strongly suggest that most of you skip this movie. I didn't find it funny for the most part and neither will most of you. If you want to find out a little about some unknown stereotypes go check this movie out; otherwise, check at Kung Fu Panda.

The Strangers Movie Review

The acting was kind of dead in the movie, but I still really liked the movie. Fortunately the storyline didn't require good acting. The producers did a really good job of making this movie scary. It wasn't even an overly complex plot. I will say don't try to think too much because there are definite flaws with the plot.

The things I liked about this movie is that it doesn't really attempt to be feel good. It is a raw story that is told in a raw manner. It wasn't based on shock value either. It didn't have scenes like the ones from The Hills Have Eyes or Hostel. It played off of psychological fears. As a matter of fact it freaked out my girlfriend. We go in a little fight because she expressed on irrational fear of moving out to a wooded area.

Alright that is pretty much my review of the movie. Go see this one if you are in the mood for something scary. Now a tip for the guys.

If your girlfriend start to express some crazy fear after seeing the movie don't try to appeal to her with logic. This is not what she is looking for; making me an idiot. Simply, let her know that you will protect her and go where ever she feels comfortable. Try to sympathize and relate. Females are naturally emotional we are not, and that mean that you will have to make the effort to be compassionate. Now if only I could turn back the clock.

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Movie Review

Well this review is certainly late, but here is the long due review. I thought this movie was much better than the first movie. This may actually give future sequels some validity. I really thought this franchise was going to die but it seems it may survive although not as successful as the Harry Potter series, which I am not a great fan.

The movie was exciting and it played off the first Chronicles of Narnia just perfectly. It also, built to a climax really well. There wasn't a single part of it that was particularly boring. The thing I hate to admit the most is that it give parents an opportunity to talk to their kids about topics like the holocaust. The WWII historical reference was obviously no mistake. I wish I would have read the books.

Well the culmination of entertainment and the fictional play on real life make this movie a must see. Coming out of this movie I didn't think the review was going to be this good. I think I made the mistake of too much thoughtful reflection with this movie review. BEWARE!!!