Saturday, November 17, 2007

Beowulf Animated Movie

The animation in Beowulf was awesome, but the acting wasn't animated at all. I still think this is an important movie to see. It is not because it is good though, but because it is a way to be a part of history, more on this later. There are some very cheesy scenes. Especially, when he gets naked. This kind of ruined the movie because there was a loud obnoxious "female dog lady" behind us who had to laugh histerically for about ten minutes every time they blocked his crotch. There was also a bunch of bratty kids that kept stomping through the theatre. My brother had enough balls to yell at them towards the end of the movie. Which brings the question how can parents so miserably fail kids nowadays. SLAP THOSE BRATS!!!!

Well, this movie maybe a turning point in history. This is the point where we find out if writers and animators have the ability to replace actors. Animators will definitely be able to represent animation that is true to life. I could tell some things were animated but there were scenes where I was confused. The question is whether they will be able to animate characters expression where they will cross cultural barriers, convey emotion, and move the audience.

I have not been able to decide whether it was the actors in Beowulf that failed or the animators. It is kind of funny that actors are helping train the animators to develop characters that may one day replace them. I wander if animators and writers will be the future famous people or will we still depend on actors and actresses to fulfil this function in society. After all people need to aspire to be something.

I'd again like to think my brother for speaking out and thank all those who have the courage to do the same.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Sweet Sweet Girl

Unfortunately, my darling girlfriend can never wait to give a gift. This means I got one of my X-mas gifts early. The good news is that the gift will help me improve the blog. Hooray. She got me a digital camera. This means I can bring you fun pictures from my life. I most warn there probably won't be many pictures as my life isn't that fun. I'd like to thank my beautiful girlfriend for the great gift. She is the best, but next time wait 'til Christmas.

The camera she purchased is the Kodak C763. She also got a great deal on the camera. I have been gloating on her a lot. I'll stop. The only negative aspect to my girlfriend as she works in the financial department of a wharehouse that sells a lot of MSG. To tranlate she always smells like chicken soup. Sometimes when I'm with her I don't know if I am horny or just hungry. It's wierd.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Moscow on The Hudson

I just saw a great little movie, at home, last night. Robin Williams is the lead and there are some good skin shots. Ladies don't be disapointed they're not from Robin. Guys I do have to warn you that one of the ladies looks a bit like a zagnut bar, but for her age she's not bad. In any event for those of you old enough to remember the cold war this movie is very entertaining. It is a romantic political comedy about a Russian musician who defects to America. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it's great.

I would like to encourage a few young liberals to watch this movie. It really shows what big government is all about. I know half of you will blow it off as American propaganda. Blah, blah, blah go talk to a former Soviet and find out for yourself. It is called research most responsible people do this before comparing someone to a Nazi. Enough liberal bashing it like kicking a baby.

Go see this movie it is great.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I went to the Blues vs Red Wings game tonight it was awesome. The Blues put in four in one period They were down 2-0 at the end of the first period and the Blues just cameback and poored it on. The funniest part of the game was win the crowd started chanting WE WANT TACOS. Apparently, if they score five goals in a home game you can bring your ticket back the next day for a free taco.

The seats were awesome as well. I got to sit in a suite for the first time. It had a bar and food. I couldn't particpate i any of that though considering my cholesterol. It would have been a blast if I could have participated in all the greasy food and booze. It was a great experience in any event. The thing even had a plasma screen in the corner, it's own bathroom and comfortable seats. What a night.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Why AT&T WHY!!!!!!!

AT&T has managed to annoy the piss out of me. With the imaginarymadeupIwannakillsomebodyland crap they have been pulling in their most recent ad campaign. They have managed to place these adds everywhere on T.V., Radio, Internet, Movies and my nogin. Due to the fact that AT&T is a bunch of brainwash attempting jerks I am endorsing a boycott of AT&T. Annoying advertising must be shown to be ineffective. Please, do not support AT&T. I will be seeking a new dsl provider shortly. DESTROY AT&T, DESTROY AT&T, DESTROY AT&T. March with me now let the revolution begin.

I really think I a effecting the world for the better by taking a stand against these mind numbing adds. I will probably be nominate for a Nobel Peace Award. Al Gore has got nothing on me, I stand for sanity.

If you would like to donate to the People Against Annoying Advertising Associaition or PAAAA please make check out to (Your name) and mail to 123 Your Address Dr, Your City, Your Country 11111. I really encourage you to spend the money you just sent to yourself on products not supported by stupid annoying advertising.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Donkeys for Elephants

I am not going to knock Lions for Lambs to much. It was obviously slanted toward a liberal view than most movies. It played on an interconnected set of scenarios and was really about the democratic process. The motive of the movie was not entertainment but to get a message across. I will not say too much about this message in case you want to see the movie in this paragraph of the post. This movie was made to provoke thought so if you are looking for an action flick go see Saw IV. If you don't want to spoil the movie or have already seen it read on.

The character with which I had the biggest problem was the journalist. I don't know why there is such a misconception on journalism but even HOLLYWOOD seems to have made the mistake. Journalism is not about giving opinions and changing the world through thoughtful writing. Journalism is about changing the world by giving others unbiased information so that they can make a decision and take action. The goal of journalists seems to be to catch politicians, particularly republicans, in the act. They don't seem to want to report on worthy news needed to motivate people. Now journalist report in a way to receive attention, and these topics tend to demotivate people.

This paragraph will really spoil the movie please stop reading if you plan to see the movie. The movie does convey a terrible message. The story of two bright young men who decide to fight for their country and ultimately end up dying. It is no doubt the producer wants to convey this sacrifice was not worth the loss. To me this portion of the plot directly relates to the idea of dying for ones country.


I went to a monster truck ralley last night. It was really cool. I though the highlight was the guys jumping bikes. They did some really neat tricks. I really can't beleive they would be so dangerous. There wasn't a lot of room and they were almost bashing into the scoreboard. As soon as they landed the jump they had to hit the breaks to avoid crashing into the wall. They even hit it a few times and tore up the bleachers.

The trucks were of course loud and put out the exhaust. It would have been fun to tie some enviromentalist down to the seats and force them to watch the show. GREENHOUSE EFFECT, GREENHOUSE EFFECT!!!! THE PAIN, THE AGONY!!!. It would have been even better if they ran over a few trees. I do like the environment, I'd just sacrifice a little of it to torture the green party. JUST KIDDING. I would like you to notice that in the picture this is an American truck smashing European cars.

As a safety bulletin if you take your kids to one of these bring a dust mask at least. If you don't they're going to get brain damage. That place was pretty toxic. Other than that seeing BIGFOOT is good wholesome family fun. IT"S CAR SMASHING TIME!!!!!