Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spiderwick Review

Nobody is going to ever read this blog again once I make this confession. I really enjoyed this movie. This movie was actually very good. I thought it looked really bad from the previews I had seen. It was either this or Roscoe Jenkins and Spiderwick won out, thanks to my girlfriend.

So you are probably sitting there thinking what makes this movie good? Well it is a really simple story. The storyline was incredibly easy to follow. The magic in the story wasn't over the top. I would even venture to say that if there were a dimension underlying our dimension, this would be how it worked. The parts that were corny had a bit of humor to them distracting from the fact it was corny. In other words the storyline offered misdirection when appropriate. If something was a bit stupid you knew it and the movie diverted you interest elsewhere long enough for you to overlook the absurd.

The actors did a really great job as well. They didn't go on and on about not believing. They didn't need a lot of proof once they got involved with the other dimension. The family conflicts were well played out and plausible. They played the parts as though they were reacting not acting to a real life scenario.

The movie also plays to all audiences succesfully. This is a kids movie that really appeals to adults as well. I am going to recommend this movie. Hopefully, you like it as much as I did. If you see this based on my advice let me know if you think I am an idiot.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Avenue Q Review

Well on Sunday night I went to see Avenue Q at the Fox Theatre here in St. Louis. The play was pretty funny. It is basically people walking around with puppets and kind of acting as the puppet but you could still see the person. That part was a bit wierd.

The best part is that I finally figured out where the Internet if for P0rn song came from. Please, do not type the word list in that song title properly use a zero so I don't get adsense for adult variety sites. Remember I do not censor my blog, but I should really reconsider this the site is the fifth amendment king not the first amendment.

Well the play was pretty funny the only bad part is that some of the parts were really inaudible and they should have used bigger flat screens. I couldn't see them at all. If Avenue Q comes to your town definitely check it out. Some of the scenes are suprising.

This was my first time to the Fox Theatre and I enjoyed my time. If you get a chance and your in St. Louis this is definitely an attraction that you will want to check out.