Saturday, June 21, 2008

Get Smart Movie Review

This is by far the best movie in the theatre this weekend. Try to avoid the previews they let on to too much of the film. This movie was a riot. There wasn't a single part that wasn't absolutely funny.

Steve Colbert really pulled it off in this flick. The Rock did a great job as well. I was kind of surprised with his performance in a lot of other movies he simply annoyed me. He does always have the same style about him, it is just that it worked for this film.

I also, liked the fact that Steve Colbert's character was believable. The transition between dork and super agent made sense. He had to work hard to get where he was and it took him many years. The one disappointing thing is that there weren't a lot of hot chicks. I guess this was somewhat of a refreshing departure from the Austin Power and especially the Love Guru. Only so far as the cheesy names go.

Well this is my top pick for the movies this weekend and I am going to half to call it as the topic pick for next weekend as well. I will probably see Wanted but that looks pretty retarded. I can't remember whether Tropical Thunder or Hancock will come out but the only one of the two that stands a chance is Tropical Thunder. Then again Jack Black with Ben Stiller may end up being a nightmare. They have show a bit too much in previews from what I can tell.

I know everyone who goes to Get Smart will enjoy it, this is definitely the safe bet. Once, again this movie is a riot. I'd probably be best off if I just saw this one again.

The Love Guru Movie Review

I thought this was going to be Austin Powers with a slight India accent and I was pretty much right. As a matter of fact, it was exactly what I thought it would be it was funny. I was kind of surprised. Mike Meyers pretty much stuck with his trademark and somehow it worked.

I will say there were a lot of parts that I didn't find funny at all, but overall the movie was definitely worth seeing. The acronyms the Guru always used were almost unbearable, but the hot chicks in the movie more than made up for the fault. I think most people will like this movie.

Well I have seen another movie first so I can give the breakdown of what to see in what order. That is if you want to see a lot of movies. I would say check out Get Smart, The Incredible Hulk, The Love Guru and then Zohan.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Incredible Hulk Movie Review

Go see this movie. I honestly thought it was going to be a bomb. I was disappointed that it wasn't a continuation of the previous movie or at least a half attempt. It does after all leave off where the last one started, but they changed out the crew. They also, tweaked the storyline from the previous movie quite a bit.

The whole hunt for Bruce Banner thing really did this movie a lot of good. The fact that this movie focused on Ed Norton saved it. Liv Taylor was horrible she is simply to dry. I don't know whether she is acting or imitating Secret (the deodorant). It sounds crazy but other than Ed Norton the acting really just sucked. The guy who play Emil Blonsky did okay but his character was still really cool.

The best part of this movie was the ending. I am really excited about the next few movies that Marvel gets to control and put out. They have really done a great job. They have managed two great hits in a row. They simply get what the audience wants.

The Happening Movie Review

Alright this movie really really sucked. Guess what that means? Spoiler!!!!! First I will tell you this movie is scary. There were a lot of scenes that were really spooky, but it did get a bit boring mid way through. The scariest part of the movie is that it was a literal piece of propaganda shit. Excuse my language.

Basically, because the plants (aka earth) feels that we are a threat they begin to release toxins into the air that makes us commit suicide. Thousands of people die. The whole movie culminates into a news piece at the end that states: the earth is mad at us and we better watch it before the EARTH STRIKES BACK AGAIN.

Well my recommendation is to go skip this one. The Incredible Hulk offers a great surprise ending. It was really good. Again, stay away from The Happening at all costs. I will admit it's entertaining, but it is also liberal propaganda out of control.

Movie Review Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This movie was practically ruined in the first ten minutes. They literally let loose a five minute crotch shot. Now it is important for the idiots who made this movie to know that it is important that the audience finds something funny. Not that you find something funny at the price of the audience. Remember who buys the tickets.

Other than the crotch shot this movie wasn't bad. I thought it was funny, but it is a romantic comedy. That means you will probably feel a little uncomfortable for the five minutes she views some other guys schwang. She'll probably feel uncomfortable as well. When private areas are being viewed the movie better be a little more than R rated if I am too view it with me lady.

Well, skip this one. Get it on DVD and fast forward through the break up scene. Like I said other than that the movie is pretty good. Sorry, about the long overdue review.