Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hostel Franchise vs Saw Franchise

I have now seen both Hostel movies. I have seen all four Saw movies. The Hostel franchise not only fails to keep up with the release of movies but also the intensity. The Saw franchise of movies just gets to you and creeps you out. Saw movies also invalue a lesson. While movies like the Hills Have Eyes and Hostel fail to do anything but shock people.

I saw Hostel II last night and the only scene that made be cringe was when the lady chops off the guys member and feeds it to the dog. Who's not going to cringe besides some twisted beeotch's. Still, the scene wasn't really that bad other than I didn't want my girlfriends hands anywhere near my crotch for the rest of the evening. Now tell me who wants to watch a movie that is going to ruin sex for the night. Hostel II had a twist but even that was easy to catch. Mentally impaired people were probably calling out the ending in the theatres. Viewing IQ 70. Saw on the other hand makes your girlfreind cuttle up next to you and later after you disuade a few gruesome images IT'S ON.

I really hope they just keep the Saw movies going and they can put the kibash on HOSTEL. No more opinions needed Saw wins HOSTEL gets tortured to death CHECKMATE.

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