Monday, May 12, 2008

Redbelt Movie Review

This movie was boring and slow. Randy didn't play a real big part and niether did any of the other guys that were in the UFC at one point. This movie is simple about corruption in fighting and those who stand for the purity of fighting.

I would say skip this one even if you are a big MMA fan. I was really looking forward to this film but the plot was a total downer. There should have been a lot more action as well. The fight scenes were quick cut and choppy. You really couldn't even get a feel for the real type of chess match taking place in the ring.

I would rather see a movie about what goes on with a real fighter training. A documentary would even be nice. I just hated this movie. I guess they are testing the waters with this crap. Throw it against the wall hope it sticks type of deal. I would almost say go see this movie just so producers see some revenue and take a crack at making something good. One of these deals we will see the Rocky of MMA. Until then suffer.

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