Monday, March 10, 2008

Sean of the Dead Movie Review

This is a movie that gave me mixed opinions. By saying that I mean I had to see it a few times before I liked the film. The first time I saw it I absolutely hated and thought it was a waste of money. The second time I saw it I thought it was a little funny and after the third time I had seen it I bought the DVD. I have seen it twice sense and my family has watched it when they've been over.

Now this is about a group of brits who are attacked by zombies and are fighting for their survival. Meanwhile, one of them is chasing after his recently parted ex-girlfriend. The movie takes a few twists and turns and some completely hilarious sitautions arise. After, he gains the confidence of his girl. He swings by for his parents.

All of the personal issues are falling out all over the place at the same time the group is trying to avoid being eaten alive by the zombies. Well this movie also end a bit differently than most zombie flicks, but I leave that for you to view.

This film has really bland comedy and that is why I don't think I thought it was funny the first time through. At the end of the day I still highly recommend checking this film out. Throw it on your list at Blockbuster or something.

I also liked hot fuzz and I am really anticipating the release of Run Fat Boy Run. I can't for the life of me remember the names of any of the actors in this film, but the main character is the same as in Sean of the Dead. If you want Google the actor for me, I am sorry I just don't have the time lately.

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