Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom Movie Review

This was definitely a good movie. It did have several components that I despise. One of those was the skinny kid lead who is supposed to go fro being a coward to a hero. I think that is overdone. There was another more interesting character I typically hate, and I actually almost came out and ripped this movie because of this one character.

The character is The Monkey King. I thought the character was really pointless when viewing this movie. The Monkey King had a goofy look and acted just as dumb while being stupid. On top of all that he was supposed to be some type of ultimate warrior. I didn't get why they would have this character in the movie.

It was after the movie that I gained an appreciation for this character. This movie is actually based loosely off of some Chinese fairytales. The Monkey King is one of the Chinese favorites. They have even had several T.V. mini series and show based from the story of the Monkey King. I hate to spoil part of the plot but when the monkey king lets several strands of hair free there is actually a reason. That is all I will say for now.

The girl with white hair is also a fairytale character. You should also notice that the monk has a white horse. This is a characteristic attributable to the ancient monks. This movie has a lot of cultural education and I think it is very cool that they made his type of movie and tusted that it would translate to American audiences.

Well check this movie out for sure.

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