Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Movie Review Love on a Diet

This movie won't be for most of you but it is my favorite comedy. It was produced in Japan but the language spoken throughout most of the film is Cantonese. I speak very little Cantonese and I completely rely on subtitles liek the rest of you. This movie actually tops my list of comedys. I think that not knowing the language makes me pay attention to the actors more, and I associate with them more somehow.

This movie is about a morbidly obese women who is in love with her favorite musician. She attends all of his concerts and decides to commit suicide but fails. If she had succeeded this movie would have been all of two minutes. She meets a fellow Hong Kongese who is also a tub of lard. At first he doesn't take interest in her but after learning of her particlarly good sales skills; he decides to help her lose the weight and gain the love of the pianist.

This movie is absolutely hillarious. I know the plot doesn't sound like much, but I promise you this is a great foreign film. By the way I know it is obvious they are in body suits. I will also warn you that this movie almost make me cry. It is also a really great love story. Asian film makers are getting one up on Hollywood. The evidence is that more and more of our films are remakes of Asian movies.

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