Sunday, March 2, 2008

Alessio Sakara vs Chris Leben Fight Review UFC 82

It always amazes me how Leben just walks into punches this is pretty much how he began the fight. Guys really take it to him and Chris Leben just stands there and throws hay makers. One of these days he is going to come up with some real brain damage. I don't think you won't your M.O. to be that you can take a punch to the head. Well that apparently doesn't bother Leben. Maybe Leben will talk to Matt Hughes and get straightened out.

Well basically my view of what Matt Leben does is that he makes himself and easy target. Draws fighters in and just delivers a real punch instead of a haymaker that allows him to move in for the kill. He always cripples his opponent with a sharp shot and then delivers those monster shots.

Well that is basically how Sakara's fight with Leben. He was punishing Leben and even drew blood. Leben appeared to be slowing down and the next thing you know Sakara goes down. There was a bit of controversy but the ref definitely made the right call. Sakara was done.

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