Saturday, June 21, 2008

Get Smart Movie Review

This is by far the best movie in the theatre this weekend. Try to avoid the previews they let on to too much of the film. This movie was a riot. There wasn't a single part that wasn't absolutely funny.

Steve Colbert really pulled it off in this flick. The Rock did a great job as well. I was kind of surprised with his performance in a lot of other movies he simply annoyed me. He does always have the same style about him, it is just that it worked for this film.

I also, liked the fact that Steve Colbert's character was believable. The transition between dork and super agent made sense. He had to work hard to get where he was and it took him many years. The one disappointing thing is that there weren't a lot of hot chicks. I guess this was somewhat of a refreshing departure from the Austin Power and especially the Love Guru. Only so far as the cheesy names go.

Well this is my top pick for the movies this weekend and I am going to half to call it as the topic pick for next weekend as well. I will probably see Wanted but that looks pretty retarded. I can't remember whether Tropical Thunder or Hancock will come out but the only one of the two that stands a chance is Tropical Thunder. Then again Jack Black with Ben Stiller may end up being a nightmare. They have show a bit too much in previews from what I can tell.

I know everyone who goes to Get Smart will enjoy it, this is definitely the safe bet. Once, again this movie is a riot. I'd probably be best off if I just saw this one again.

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