Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Movie Release: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

First, the answer to everyone's favorite question. When will this movie be released? The movies release date is May 22nd, 2008. Now for the meat and potatos. The question, How will this flick turn out?

Well from the title it seems that it could be really corny. The title is straight off the cover of a Hardy Boys novel. I do think that this was intentional. If I am right this should lead to a very good movie. I have learned that when the producer sticks to the old school fans expectations, these movies tend to be great (i.e. Rambo).

The introduction of his Indiana's son has the potential to really suck. This type of thing usually doesn't work out very well and I can't really explain the reason why. It is just plain sappy, maybe. As for the previews. I cover my eyes when the previews for this movie are aired. I know that I will go see this movie. I did catch the preview once and it looked pretty good. I knew within two seconds that it was a continuation or remake of the Indiana Jones franchise. Well I hope to see you at this one, it should be good. After all how do you screw up and Indiana Jones movie. I just hope they bring back the Asian kid.

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