Sunday, March 2, 2008

UFC 82 Pride of a Champion Review

The production of UFC 83 was as good as always. joe Rogan was a bit more serious during this one than normal. He must have forgotten to get high. Goldberg was really kissing Rogan's butt. It was almost as though he was Rogan's puppy dog or idol. Rogan does know a lot about MMA. Maybe it is just that they got together before the fights and talke about what would happen, and Joe Rogan was suprisingly accurate in predicting what would happen.

Cecil Peoples was a judges again and he was also the only a-hole that called fights in the other direction. It is like he has to make it a split decision and disagree with everyone else all the time. I wish he would just have a stroke already that causes him to run around in circle yell, "I'm Cecil Peoples, you've got mail, Yeah." I hate him.

Dustin Hazelett was the funniest guy tonight. He came out with a T-shirt that said I'm not Jim Fitch Stop Asking. He does look alot like Jim Fitch.

All the fights were pretty good. There was only one fight I thought was kind of slow but it finished with a bang. Overall, the event was pretty good. The crowd is getting smarter and not booing unless one of the fighters acts like a jerk. Overall, this was a good event. The one complaint I have as always is there were a lot of fights one the undercards that I wanted to see. The UFC is going to have to gve a little otherwise there fan base will desert them. Even I am starting to get more intereseted in the IFL adn Elite XC. C'mon Dana stop being such a jerk all the time. You can't carry around a torch for whenever you don't like a bridge.

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