Wednesday, April 23, 2008

UFC 83: Mark Bocek vs Mac Danzig

I will tell you I was really rooting for Mac Danzig, but my friend said Mark Bocek isn't going to be a push over. He said the odds on this one were simply not worth the risk, and I agree he was absolutely right on that.

At the end of the day Mac Danzig still ran through him after round one it was his fight. The first round seemed like a war. The second round definitely went the direction of Danzig. Bocek came out with a nasty gash under his eyebrow. I was suprised they didn't stop the fight. You could just see that he was gradually overcoming his opponent in the first moments of the round. It makes me think he is more of an endurance fighter, the good thing is that he definitely has enough power to still kick butt in the first round as well.

Well this ended as we all knew it would. Danzig took Bocek's back in the third round and slipped in the rear naked choke. Bocek's blood helped Danzig slip in the submission. That gash under

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