Monday, March 17, 2008

Horton Hears a Who Movie Review

I liked this movie and I think it is a great movie for kids. I could reflect upon having these types of thoughts when I was a kid and it is really cool these thoughts reflected in a movie for kids. To me it is amazing how much philosophy is in the mind of a child.

Well this movie is based upon one of Dr. Seuss's books about an elephant who tries to protect a microscopic world from destruction. Pretty basic premise, I don't know how they turned this into such a good movie.

Jim Carey played Horton the elephant and surprisingly he wasn't outrageously funny. This is what makes him such a great actor. Although, Horton was goofy, he wasn't the character receiving all of the laughs. It is like Jim Carey passed the ball to the supporting cast, and it worked out really well. Horton was a subtle character somewhat eccentric character and that is what came across on the screen.

All of the characters were great. Even the mean kangaroo, who was a nagging female dog to the point it disgusted me. Again, all a part of what makes this film great. I really recommend this film not just to kids but to adults (namely couples). It is strange how cartoon movies are just the right median between action movie and chick flick for couples. Great movie.

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