Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jon Fitch vs Chris Wilson Fight Review UFC 82

This fight started off as a brawl they really came out striking. Both fighters looked very good, and came to put on a show. There were a few awkaward moments during the first round Wilson went for a triangle and you couldn't tell what limbs belonged to who. It was wierd. I had Wilson through the first round and he looked pretty impressive but it started to even out towards the end.

Round 2 started off in the same way, but Fitch went to the ground and it ended up being mainly ground impound. He dominated Round 2 and definitely won this round. I was suprised considering the first round. This round definitely went to Fitch.

The last round went pretty well according to the first round. Wilson wnet for a few submission and towards the end of the round he caught Fitch in a triangle. The round ended before Fitch tapped but he was definitely hanging in there trying not to go out. If Wilson would have had ten more seconds Fitch would have definitely gone under. This bring to questio whether fighter should be able to be saved by the bell.

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