Thursday, March 6, 2008

Doomsday Movie Coming Soon

Doomsday will be released March 14, 2008. This movie seems to be a take off of 28 Days Later,it is about Britian coming down with a deadly disease again and having to sacrifice half of its population by walling the up in a dead zone. Well the virus doesn't get contained quite well enough so some bad mama jamas go into the quarantined are to find a cure. They may be close to finding a cure but these super evolved headbashers stand in their way.

Fortunately, there is a really hot chick who is the ultimate warrior. That always makes me so horny. Well she tears them up and undoubtedly save the day. Is this movie predictable? Yes. I am going to go see this movie? Yes. Will I enjoy this movie? Yes.

There you have my review of an upcoming movie and there will be more to come. As a side note why is Britain always portrayed as such a sickly island. One I am pretty sure Brits don't like being thought of as an island and two I don't see that they are especially dirty. There's the teeth thing but that is about all I've ever heard. Well maybe they just fancy scary movie where people die of diseases that are destined to doom all mankind.

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