Wednesday, April 23, 2008

UFC 83: Rich Franklin vs Travis Lutter

This was a very active first round for both fighters. Lutter was definitely giving Franklin fight in the first round. I though for sure Lutter landed Franklin in an arm bar in the first round. Franklin had an amazing escape he rolled at just the right time.

Well the first round was exciting and intense. In the second round Lutter totally gassed. He couldn't even put his hands up. He had no defense and guess what if you gas it is not going to take long for Franklin to put an end to you. Lutter needs to realize that the guys he is fighting are in shape. He needs to get into the ring in shape if he wants to be a champion.

Well I can't say that Lutter will see much more action in the UFC if he doesn't change his training regiment. It is really amazing that he has come as far as he has. This guy is an absolute chump. At the end of the fight he was simply hugging Franklin's leg at the end of the fight.

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