Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Movie Review Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This movie was practically ruined in the first ten minutes. They literally let loose a five minute crotch shot. Now it is important for the idiots who made this movie to know that it is important that the audience finds something funny. Not that you find something funny at the price of the audience. Remember who buys the tickets.

Other than the crotch shot this movie wasn't bad. I thought it was funny, but it is a romantic comedy. That means you will probably feel a little uncomfortable for the five minutes she views some other guys schwang. She'll probably feel uncomfortable as well. When private areas are being viewed the movie better be a little more than R rated if I am too view it with me lady.

Well, skip this one. Get it on DVD and fast forward through the break up scene. Like I said other than that the movie is pretty good. Sorry, about the long overdue review.

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