Sunday, March 2, 2008

Anderson Silva vs Dan Henderson Fight Review UFC 82

I thought this would be a good match up. Henderson was definitely Silva's best challenger. He definitely does better against the bigger fighters I am kind of surprised to see that he moved down to fight Anderson Silva. Apparently, this was the only way he would move down. Dana White was urging Henderson to make the move.

Round one heavily favored Dan Henderson he got Silva in side control and he was doing really well. I thought Silva had met his match. Silva then came out in round two and proved me wrong.

In round two Henderson caught Silva with a knee and Silva came right back with one of his own. Henderson almost went down right there. It was enough to damage Henderson and Silva went to work on the ground. Henderson had to have been really dazed. It was like he didn't know what Silva was doing. It was obvious to everyone else. Silva caught Henderson with a rear naked choke and finished Henderson right before the bell in round two.

Nobody, knows he will be Silva's next big challenge. It certainly doesn't appear that there is one on the horizon. I disagree, I think if Yushi Okami can withstand the initial onslaught of Anderson Silva he will present a good challenge. I really view Okami as a championship round fighter. For some reason it just takes him a while to get going and I think with more rounds he would have beat Rick Franklin.

The last word is that Henderson has had to fight two champions. I definitely think Henderson will fight in more chapionship bouts, but Dana is going to have to throw him a chump. Henderson might need a confidence booster after these last two losses.

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