Sunday, March 16, 2008

Doomsday Movie Review

Well, I didn't like this movie that much, because I don't think I was relaxed enough to watch the movie. I just kept analyzing everything thinking it was over the top, and this isn't the type of movie you should analyze. I really have to analyze this movie from my girlfriends perspective because I viewed the movie critically and that was wrong. She loved this film.

It was really fast paced, it had a really hot female lead who whopped everyone's butt. She did see like she could be defeated. This movie was like Mad Max meets 28 Days Later. Given the target audience of this film it was really good.

Despite the fact that I didn't enjoy the movie I would highly recommemd this movie. Especially, over every other movie besides Semi-Pro. It seems like Hollywood has hit a draught as far as releasing good content. People were criticizing 2007, but 2008 has been a real disappointment three months into the year.

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