Sunday, March 2, 2008

Josh Koscheck vs Dustin Hazelett Fight Review UFC 82

Dustin wants to let you know that he is not Jon Fitch and stop asking him. At least that is what his t-shirt said I thought it was hilarious.

This one started off as a brawl. These guys came out of the fence swinging. Hazelett caught Koscheck in a standing guillotine but Koscheck was able to pull him off and Hazelett wisely gave up the submission attempt. Another highlight was Koscheck mowing through Hazelett and somehow Hazelett went right into a triangle choke. His Jujitsu is definitely solid.

Shortly into Round 2 Koscheck caught Hazelett with a kick and immediately pounced on Hazelett delivering a few shots on the ground. Kosckeck was definitely revved up and the ref had to move in quick to pull him off of Hazelett. Koscheck has come a long way fro the Ultimate Fighter and I don't see him doing anything but moving up. He is definitely a strong contender.

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