Saturday, February 2, 2008

UFC 81 Breaking Point Review

I've got to say that this one was not as good as UFC 80 First Blood. There were some good fights but the preliminar fights were better than some of the big fights. It also seems like the UFC get stingier and stingier with each event that passes.

They seem to air less and less bouts. I also don't know if anybody notice Joe Rogan's slip up in the very beginning. It was pretty obvious. Brock Lesner really brought out the WWE guys. I think you might see more and more of them cross over as the WWE continues to crash. It is time to do the real deal boys. It either acting or fighting for real. I am guessing more of them pursue an acting career than a career in the UFC.

Well I have reviews of all of the fights aire live and on preliminary bout. I decided to skip the last couple preliminary bouts. My computer has got me in a finger wrist lock.

Well Dana White and Zuffa knew that this was a drama draw with Brock Lesner coming from the UFC. The UFC really needs to start putting multiple championship bouts together like they used too. There are definitely too many oraganizations around for them to start acting like they are untouchable just yet.
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