Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Meet The Spartans Movie Review

This movie was really bad. I thought it would have been a lot funnier. This could be because as I am getting older I'm losing touch with pop culture. For those of you who are totally in the dark this is a comedic parody of the movie 300, and I can't say that the movie totally lacked humor. I just expected to laugh a lot more than I did.

My girlfriend laughed all the way through the movie but she loves this type of slap stick comedy. From the picture above you can tell they teased the movie You Got Served. I like this only because I wish dance movies would go away forever, the scene was actually drawn out and boring. Dance movie died with Footloose (Not a fan) and Dirty Dancing (Fan). I'm sorry but crotch grabbing, snickering at other dancers and taking a defensive posture doesn't spell rebel or danger in my mind. It pretty much spells G-A-Y. It translates into no money and having a skill nobody really cares about for ninety-nine percent of those who pursue a dancing career. Be like K-Fed, he's the must succesful dancer ever.

Back to Meet The Spartans. This movie simply failed to deliver. The concept followed to closely to the real movie with glaring inconsistencies. Like the masked guys in the original 300. They weren't pushed of the cliffs. It is also hard to tease a movie that movie fans really loved. The only thing that Meet The Spartans managed to do was point out two or three scenes that were absolutely ridiculous in 300.

My final advice is don't go see Meet The Spartans.
Spartan it only serves to ruin 300.

Start renting movies.

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