Friday, February 1, 2008

The Eye Movie Review

I had written this movie off. I didn't plan on seeing it because it looked stupid. Fortunately, it was because I was miss informed. I thought it was about a blind violinist and her doctor having a relationship.

Well it is based off an Asian movie and does follow the theme of The Grudge and The Ring. It was absolutely typical of Asian horror films, but we are not yet that familiar with that style and it is really enjoyable. I have seen a few more of these movies than most Americans, I am in to Cantonese films and have see quite a few. I have obviously used a picture of the original movie made in Hong Kong.

This movie definitely made me jump out of my seat a few times. It was scary and had an intellectual plot that was difficult to predict. I would recommend seeing this film but still you should see Rambo first.
Just a little not to those of you who would like to watch the Asian version of these movies before they even hit our theatres I've got the inside information. Just get off the couch and head into a few of the larger Asian grociers. You might get a pirated version of the movie, but it is still worth wild. They are really like a great book compared to a movie. The original format and vision tends to be better.

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