Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tim Boetsch vs David Heath Fight

Well Tim Boetsch is a rising star taking the fight on short notice and David Heath is fighting for his life in the UFC. The traditional makings of a great battle. It worked out. Well I guess that is why the aired this preliminary bout. It did take these guys a minute to get going.

Boetsch did use those body shots I mentioned in an earlier post that were under utilized. Heath was pretty much Boetsch's punching bag. Heath's body just got hacked away at during the first round. I will give Heath credit he can really take knees to the head. Eventually, Boetsch just visciously threw Heath to the ground and pummeled him.

Well this epic battle ends with Heath losing his life in the UFC and I am sure we will see Boetsch in some bigger fights shortly, Boetsch looked absolutely flawless. The underdog takes it with ten days notice and moves up from the ranks of the IFL.
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