Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hellboy II Coming Soon

I missed out on the first Hellboy I guess I will have to go check this out before going to see Hellboy II. It is amazing that I thought the first one looked absolutely stupid and I was a lot younger when that hit the theatres. The second one looks pretty good.

I do have to say the monster in Hellboy II looks suprisingly similar to the one in Cloverfield, which sucked. He also, looks really stupid up on top of that sign with that gaudy looking gun. All of the other characters see to be pretty cool. Well I'll check out Hellboy which everyone I've talked to liked. Then I a going to hit this movie up.

I should let the producers know that they need to come up with better large monster or eliminate them from the movie. They just make the flick seem cheesy. That is probably what turned me away from the Hellboy, didn't they have a giant worm in that movie. The villian in Hellboy II is a large part of the reason this movie looks good.

Well I hope to see you at the theatres and look forward to when I get to right my Hellboy II Movie Review.

If you're interested buy Hellboy at DVD Planet for just $14.95 or get it used for less.

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