Saturday, February 2, 2008

Frank Mir vs Brock Lesner Fight

Well, I've got to agree with some of the pre-fight interviews. Brock Lesner needs to stop caring about all that WWE crap. Nobody cares who like MMA, this is the real deal. In Brock Lesner's defense Frank Mir needs to worry about those triple X gloves and wrestling skills. A lot of guys have come from Brock Lesner's background and really have wooped some butt in the UFC. Besides Sean Sherk trained at Lesner's place up in Montana, he has got to know something. Plus the guy is huge, and I don't think that he will get the Octagon gitters.

Well this started out off with Brock Lesner pummeling Frank Mir, and Steve Mazzagatti taking a B.S. point away from Brock Lesner. Then Lesner was being wreckless, and the obvious weakness developed. It wasn't long before Mir caught the knee bar. I do want to be sure everyone know Steve Mazzagatti did a terrible job. There should have at least been a warning and he should have pulled of Frank Mir a bit sooner. Even Frank Mir looked at him as if to say, "What are you doing? Did you forget you are the ref?"

I do think that we will see Brock Lesner comeback and he'll be a little smart next time. I know he went to college but I am still not sure that Brock is all that bright. That was a pretty obvious submission.
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