Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Upset Review

I won $10, the Giants won. I give this Superbowl a positive review. I have to admit I didn't want the Patriots to have a perfect season. After all I am a Rams fan and they took us out in '04. I spit on the Patriot, patue.

Well that final drive by Eli Manning was truly historic. I thought for sure he was getting sacked. Then the guy pinned the ball to his helmet and caught the pass. It was absolutely brilliant. The game was pretty boring up until the end. Then the drama set in at the end of the game. The Patriots score and the Giants have one last drive for to make for the biggest upset in Superbowl history.

Well this was truly a historic game. Now the brothers share Superbowl Championships in common. Man and that Escalade that Peyton got at the end of the game. That thing is awesome. I really would like to have that Audi that they advertised. That is the only commmercial that really caught my attention

For the most part the commercials and halftime weren't spectaculiar. Don't get me wrong I love Tom Petty, but that dude is old. Paula dropping another albumn is kind of a suprise. They are really milking American Idol aren't they. Just had to stuff those last few comment in. Peace, drive safely if you got to get home. Take a cab if you drank.

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