Saturday, February 2, 2008

Minotaura Nogueira vs. Tim Sylvia Fight

Before the fight I was just sitting there thinking, "Please, please don't let this be another slow fight." I was also wandering why Cecil Peoples was one of the judges. It doesn't make sense to have him as a ref or judge in boxing. What the hell is he doing as a judge in MMA. I almost wish the mafia would hook him up with some cement shoes. Also, I think they were rubbing it in by showing that loser Jay-Z just before the fight.

Well Big Nog just got his butt rocked by Sylvia in round one. I can't beleive Big Nog survived the beating he got. To his credit he ended up in really good position with no time left in Round One.

You would think that Nogueira would have immediately taken Sylvia to the ground during round two. It didn't happen. Watching this fight in round two my buddies girlfriend mentioned that Sylvia looked like an Ogre. From there on out I picture the bout as Shrek vs Shrek duking it out. Apparently, the second round was pretty slow and uneventful.

Both fighter lumbered into the third round, they looked absolutely beat. Still Sylvia managed to get in a real good right. Shortly, after that Nogueira took it to the ground. He was on the bottom but with a few great moves and some attempts at a leg lock he ended up on top. From there he made short work of Sylvia and caught him in a viscious Guillotine. No blood to the brain for you Mr. Sylvia. It didn't take Nogueira very long to cut off Sylvia's supply. Just kidding I like Sylvia, just not to win this fight.

The after fight interview of Nogueira was absolutely hillarious. He called Sylvia a giant, and with his accent he sound so funny. I don't think anybody will be able to find Nogueira's after party. I have no clue what he said. Tim Sylvia as always shows a lot of class and he actual seemed to get a lot of cheers from the fans for a change. I can't really see why the fans don't like him other than the fact he is a goofy looking fighter, style included.
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