Monday, January 28, 2008

Untraceable Movie Review

Well, I actually saw this yesterday after Rambo. It was really just a bunch of typical overly predictable garbage. That is a bit harsh considering, I would say, I would have rather missed this one, but didn't leave the theatre feeling cheated. It was okay.

I really thought it was unbelievable. It just sounded like garbage and one of the people I went with was a programmer. He said if they can actually blacklist IP addresses they would have just written a program to shutdown the IP address as soon as it tried to pop back up again.

Definitely go see Rambo before this movie. If you are bored out of you mind and want to be shiftless go see this movie. All in all you would be better off taking a walk in the park or visiting the local bowling lanes. Keep in mind a did see Rambo before this movie so I could have followed up a absolutely great film (RAMBO has my nomination for best film in 2008) my a mediocre film so I didn't enjoy it as much as typical.

I will tell you. Once, you walk in to see Rambo, it seems like it is over in twenty minutes. Rambo is really fast paced.

Note to Hollywood. Stop doing Internet movies. It is a dangerous place we get the point. For some reason a guy sitting in front of a computer doesn't translate very well into fear. Boogie boogie I am the Internet monster and I am going to kill you using torture. Is the amount of hits my site getting escalate the drama. See it even sound lame.

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