Monday, February 4, 2008

Blog 8: Super Bowl Adsense Blog

Apparently, that advertising dollars trickle down to everyone including the small fry blogger. I have seen an influx of advertising earnings and I believe it is correlated with the Superbowl. Before my Superbowl review I had only earned 22 cents on the day. It was shaping up to be a terrible day. I usually earn just under $1.00, I know I am sorry I am not one of the big guys making six figures a month or even a year. Well just a couple hours later I decided to check out my adsense account again and to my surprise I had earned over $2.00, now my modest record.

Many people would say that this is a coincidence, but I draw a direct correlation. I thought about it and I believe I have sound reasoning behind my hypothesis. Advertisers have just spent millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads and they want to maximize the effect of their Super Bowl advertising. Those that didn't run ads are trying to keep abreast by capturing the post Super Bowl advertising market. We see an influx of marketing.

This doesn't only hold for the Super Bowl. I have found it is always important to keep informed. Search word are constantly being created and they can be stumbled upon by keeping an observant eye.

Just to keep you updated on my blog I normally have around 200 visitors per day, and today I did set a new record today I think I have three hours left and right now I have 418 visitors. Mentioning Wyoming worked that very day I got some visitors from Wyoming. Similar observation, I live in St. Louis and Missouri is the second heaviest state in terms of traffic. The point is everything matters if I mention Nigeria, Afghanistan or some other country in a post, I am likely to see a visitor from that country before long. I have a total of 9,300 visitor from over 101 countries.

I have also started two more blogs Published Articles and Priceline Negotiating Samurai. Check them out if you get a chance. Send me some feedback if you have a ton of extra time. By the way if you haven't guessed my earning from Commission Junction have been a big nill.

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