Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hotel Rwanda Movie Review

I was looking at a few of the movies that I own and decided to watch Hotel Rwanda again. This was an absolutely amazing movie and I am happy that it is a part of my collection. I have definitely received a lot of bang for my buck out of this one.

This movie definitely tells the great story, and I think it is multi-layered. It tells the story of a hotel manager stuck in the midst of genocide taking place all around him and his struggle to save his family. He is in a supposed mixed marriage and he is being targeted as a Tutsi sympathiser. The other side of the story is that of the people who blindly follow any ideal based only on mob mentality.

Another reason I like this movie is because it is about racism. I think that it really demonstrates to Americans that there really is no such thing as race. In America race is thought to be skin color. In Africa it is based on tribal affiliations. In reality it is a man made concept and has absolutely no scientific basis. Speaking of racism. I would like everyone to know that I do not censor my comments but if you post a racist comment and try to remain anonymous it will be removed. Let yourself be known if you have something ignorant to say.

Well this is definitely a must see if you are on your way up to Blockbuster and I will suggest that you not rent this one. Simply buy it, I am one hundred percent confident you will view it multiple times. This movie is definitely in my top twenty. Parts will disgust you, parts will make you cry but overall it the movie inspires. By the way this movie should have won 3 Academy Awards.

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