Friday, February 8, 2008

Benny & Joon Movie Review

This for some reason is one of my favorites. I hate to admit it but Johnny Depp is the lead character and he is also a political nemesis of mine. All I have to say is he sure does love making money in this country considering how much he hates it. Anyway.

Benny & Joon is about a romance that develops between two odd people. Joon is basically a girl that need constant care because she is a loon. Her over protective brother has provided and sacrificed his happiness for her his entire life.

Mr. Depp plays Sam who is a quirky illiterate performer. He is very talented and brings a forgotten art back to the modern world. He basically mimics silent comedy actors and he also find amusement using simple objects.

Well the romance and conflict develop through this movie and conflict ensues. I really envokes some controversial issues and has some heart warming moments. I will admit this movie is not for everyone and it is definitely not a movie I would typically like. Give it a chance. You can always turn it off, if you don't like the show.

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