Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Matrix Movie Review

I decided to review this movie because it is in my top five favorite movies. I think this might be the only cool movie about hackers and the internet. The violence is a lot of what made this movie good. The fallout with Columbine was unfortunate but inevitable. The actual movie did not inspire this tragedy.

For those of you who don't know the Matrix is about a battle between humans and A.I. (machines). The battle led to the blocking of the sun to prevent the machines from acquiring solar power and the machines turning us into batteries. To have a succesful human harvest of batteries it was necessary to stimulate our minds. They plugged us in like an appliance to a virtual reality but we were the ones generating the power.

A large part of the war takes place in the virtual reality, where the power of the mind controls the environment to an extent. The quest of the movie is to find the reincarnate of the original architect behind The Matrix.

Well this movie tells a great story, it has the right amount of violence, great special effects and to cap it off it has unique cinematgrophy that still hasn't been captured to this day.

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