Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In Case of Rapture this Vehicle Will Be Unmanned

I know you've seen these stupid bumper stickers. I saw quite a few of them today and I decided to rant about them. What are these people thinking. I wish they would have a bumper sticker that said in case of rapture take my keys. I think this bumper sticker should be a license for others to bash their windshield in.

My dream is for rapture to come and have cars swerving all over the road except for the guy in front of me who has this bumper sticker. The driver will get out of the car look up and ask, "Why me?" Then immediately afterwards a Mac truck will roll by and obliterate the dude. I'll say a prayer for the event to occur.

Besides why does God always have to do things in a manner of great chaos. Why can't God just say hey these people suck and quietly remove them while they are sleeping and leave a heavenly note so nobody wanders where they went. Remember this bumper sticker doesn't tell people you are a good Christian, it tells people you are a moron. It may also cause me to cut you off.

By the way I have no clue why I am so annoyed by this bumper sticker.

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